Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 2014 In Review

Books Read:

March 1st Cedaredge, CO...Hanging out, Dinner for Grandma's Birthday, new dining room table install

March 2nd Cedaredge, CO Hanging out, Mexican restaurant with Cristian in Delta, pictures, Connor made jewelry in shop with Pops, Oscars with Grandma

March 3rd Drive Home, Grandma's Official 90th Birthday

March 6th Crazy Hair day at School

March 7th Treasure Valley Children's Theatre Peter Pan shoot

 April 10th HAE Attack

April 12th Outer Ear Canal Infection and swelling from HAE

Pi Day! 3.14

March 15th St Patty's Celebration at Grainey's to see The Naughties

"My man and I are both wearing skirts... And we're off to the rodeo"
"Jameson on board, Guinness going down smooth and Danny Boy on the pipes. Happy almost St Patricks Day!"

March 16th First time at Trader Joe's in 8 years!!!

 March 17th St Patrick's Day

 March 21st Peter Pan Rehearsal Shoot

666 likes on FB Page

March 22nd Peter Pan Jr with Connor and RENT with Cristian

 Add the Words Selfie

Image Chosen for Vicious Vixens Issue 3
 March 23rd Sugar Skull Shoot with Laura

March 25th Connor to Rockaway Beach, OR to see Karen and Andrew with Grandma and Grandpa for Spring Break


March 26th Nuffer Family Shoot

March 27th Great Hair Day!

March 28th Connor home from Oregon

Started #100DaysofHappy, Made Popular and Trending Page on

  March 29th Sugar Skull Shoot with JR and Amy

RENT with Unique

March 30th Sugar Skull shoot with Marcy and Lindsay

Sunday, March 9, 2014

February 2014 In Review

Books I read:

Feb 6th: Cyber Punk Shoot planning meeting at SubSpace
Feb 7th: Snow Day for BSD

Feb 8th: Photo Shoot with Diane 
Feb 9th: Game night with Connor

Feb 11th: Changed my own tire
Feb 12th: New tires on car
Feb 14th: Valentine's Day
  •   Connor's Box
  • Connor's Valentines
Feb 16th: Amazing Sunset

Feb 17th: Found my new favorite chip
Feb 21st another amazing sunset

Feb 21st NEW HAIR!!!

Feb 22nd Photo Shoot with Shelby

Feb 26th Vikings on History Channel (Thanks to Jessica!!)

Feb 28th Trip to Cedaredge, CO to see Grandma for her 90th Birthday! 10.5 hours in a rented Suburban with Mom, Dad, Zach, Connor and Cristian

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014 In Review

Journaling my months for posterity and possibly a Project Life????

January 2014
  • New Year's Eve party at the Powerhouse with Sean and Angela, followed by a quick stop at a house party to say hello to Josh

  • New Year's Day Shoot at Reid Merrill Park with other photogs and a bunch of models
  • Jan 1: Deep thoughts on Facebook: "People like to use New Year's Day as a "clean slate" or a "new beginning" but in reality every second of every day is a new lifetime, one you have never lived before, so if you are ready to make a change do it. You are the master of your fate. Use every new moment to be who and what you want to be."
  • Jan 1... 600 likes on my Hope Shots Photo Facebook Fan Page
  • Jan 2nd Lunch with Cristian and Erica at Kyoto
  • Jan 5th: Snow Bunny Shoot with Jazmine, Giovanna and Angela (Grimes Creek)

  • Jan 6-10: Mass Appraisal Continuing Education class
  • Jan 9th, Lunch and Shopping with Shelby during class
  • Project 52: Challenge Your{Self} Self Portrait Challenge
  • Jan 19th...RAW Video at Doyle and Donna's

  • Cristian begins No Sugar Challenge and Smoothies
  • Freezing Weather, Fog, Major inversion for weeks...lots of frosty trees in the mornings 
  • Jan 20: Educating the kid: "Cristian played a little LL Cool J, Connor asked who it was, I told him it was an Old School rapper. His response... "Old School rappers are cool, the New School stuff, not so much."
  • Jan 19th: Broncos and Seahawks heading to the Super Bowl!!
  • Jan 20th: Mommy Son Date...Flu Mist Vaccines, Lunch at Pad Thai House and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
  • Jan 21st: Classes begin at CWI
  • Jan 23rd-25th: HAE Attack
  • Jan 29th: Ice Storm overnight

Monday, August 13, 2012


I am now posting over on WordPress! Come see all my new posts at

I would love to have you follow me there!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not forgotten

Hello followers! (If there are any of you left!) I know I rarely post here, but I haven't forgotten you all. I have not stamped or paper crafted (is that a word?) a Thing in months!!! I have been busy snapping away with my camera trying to become a real life photographer. If you would like to check out my photos please visit my Photo Blog, I would love to have you follow and/or comment on my new art! :)

On a personal note my life has been full of job stress and medical quandary. I posted Years ago asking if anyone had any ideas, since then my doctors have come up with a Possibility, but no actual diagnosis. I am currently in testing to see if we can prove or disprove that it is Hereditary Angioedema Type III.

Besides photography I am still dabbling a bit in the glass pendents I posted awhile back. A few of you asked for instructions and supplies...they are Super simple and just require scrapbook paper scraps, Diamond Glaze or similar glue and the glass tiles/bales from THIS awesome site. If you don't want to make them yourself I have quite a few available in my Etsy Shop!! :)

I will try to come back and post more often!!! I miss my many bloggy friends!